How much does the Hoveround Cost?

You probably don’t have to shop around to find the Hoveround cost. There is simply only one source for this information. The Hoveround Company will be happy to discuss the price of their amazing mobility chair with you. Here’s what you should know up front. You can get this chair for free, or close to free as long as you fit in to certain criteria. Basically, it comes down to having your doctor write a prescription for you. Having Medicare, Medicaid, or another type of insurance would be another part of this puzzle.

Maybe you don’t fit in to any of these criteria. What can you do? More than likely a used Hoveround would be your best option. You can check for ads in the news paper or Craig’s List. You could also check Ebay for a used Hoveround. There are also great websites like Marc’s Mobility that can help you purchase a new or used scooter.

New scooters can also be obtained from places like the Scooter Store. The Scooter Store can even help you with financing for your new scooter. All in all, there are many ways to obtain a mobility chair at little or no cost. There are other ways of obtaining financing to make it more affordable for folks with a fixed income.

I hear what you’re saying, and I know what you’re asking. How much does the Hoveround cost?!?!?! A used Hoveround will cost anywhere from $900.00 to $2500.00. These Hoveround prices are based on my research. The prices vary based on age, features, and options.

It is unknown what the exact Hoveround price is. The company closely guards this secret. Are best guess is that the chair costs upwards of $3000.00 Just remember two facts. Most people who need one qualify for a Hoveround at little or no cost. The second fact is that you simply can not put a price on your mobility or the mobility of a loved one.

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